Recent Updates

Christmas Quests - Makeover Mage QoL

Hi all,


The following changes have been made with tonights update:

  • Enabled the "Queasy Rudolph" and "Melvin's Cat" quests. These will be enabled for the duration of this month.
  • Enabled the Christmas Diversion.
    • Jack Frost and his minions will appear every 30 minutes.

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Discord Trivia - QoL - Bug Fix

Hi all,


Small update for things I worked on today which consists of the following:

  • Ironmen will now be able to receive 20% additional exp while inside the Wilderness resource area. They will however keep the restriction of not being able to benefit from the exp boost from brawler

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Skilling Task additions - Auto-Note Weed - QoL's & Fixes

Hey all,


Few updates from things I've done over the last few days:

  • Removed the H'ween boxes as there was enough time given for players to use their keys.
  • Removed certain Woodcutting and Mining skilling tasks where they required equipment to be used for the task (such as the I

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Qols + Bug Fixes

Hi all,


Make sure your clients are updated for some of these updates to work!


Patch notes from yesterday and today:

  • Fixing a bug with Rock golems causing them to disappear.
  • Updated the halloween chest for an interface.
  • Increased the amount of bones gained f

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